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Love-of-foxes Submitting and Group Rules

Love-Of-Foxes Rules:

Paw by Kawiku Before you hit the "join" button, please make sure to read through and understand our rules before joining and or submitting any art into the group! Thank you.

Submitting Rules:

1. The deviation must follow the theme, that is about foxes, may it be photography, anthros, non-anthro, fantasy foxes, kitsunes, fox hybrids (as long as they resemble a fox), demon foxes, vent art (yes bloody fox art is allowed), plushies, stamps, comics, stories, and other crafts.

2. Members may submit up to 2 deviation per day. This number might decrease if it gets out of control, only for your own comfort. I understand how annoying it is when you get hundreds of deviations each day from one group.

3. Taxidermy, real fur, or photos of real skulls are not welcome here, so please be respectful and don't submit that stuff here.

4. Submitting of any anti-fox art will result in a instant removal and banning from the group.

5. Human/Humaniod art with fox tails and ears are not considered foxes, and therefore NOT accepted here.

6. Please do not submit extreme mature content. If we feel the submission is too suggestive in theme, it be automatically declined. We are very strict with what mature art we do accept; so please be respectful of the younger members in this group, and keep the mature content to a minimum.

7. We do not accept Sonic fanart, Sonic Fan characters, or artwork drawn in the Sonic style.

8. Adoptables/Auctions/YCH auctions are not accepted here, so please do not submit them.

9. Please do not submit any Blurry, poor quality photos of foxes, fursuits/crafts, or of artwork - This includes scraps and unfinished drawings-- This means drawings done on lined paper, and messy or incomplete art.

10. We do allow foxes with other animals/human art but the fox still must be the main focus, so if it isn't then it will be declined.

11. If you didn't draw it, please don't submit it. Collabs however are welcome, but it must be an actual collab and not something you randomly colored (i.e free lineart, commissions, ect).

Quality control:

We here at love-of-foxes are going to be a tad more strict when choosing which deviations to allow in this group, so please don't think that it's anything personal if we decline your submission request. I repeat, it's nothing personal. We just want to keep this gallery enjoyable for the members and non members to view.

Standard Group Rules:

1. Theft is by no means tolerated in this group, and will result in an instant removal and being banned from the group.

2. Please do not spam the front page with advertisement regarding commissions, contest, raffles, ect- These comments will be hidden or flagged as spam.

3. Please do not ask to be a contributor, we don't want nor need any. Thanks.

4. Please submit your art in correct folders; Don't forget to read the description of folders if you don't know what kind of art you can submit there.

5. Hate Art aimed toward other members/deviants is NOT tolerated here, and will result in a warning, and then a removal from the group. So please be nice.

6. Please direct all questions or problems/concerns you may have through notes. All comments regarding any issues will be hidden and unanswered.

7. We here at Love-Of-Foxes do not tolerate the disrespect of any group admin or group members. If we receive any notifications/complaints from other group members and if you are identified as a member of this group then you will be removed and blocked from this group permanently. So please be respectful.

Double Paws by KawikuDouble Paws by KawikuDouble Paws by KawikuDouble Paws by KawikuDouble Paws by KawikuDouble Paws by KawikuDouble Paws by KawikuDouble Paws by KawikuDouble Paws by KawikuRunning Fox. by Nafah

Gallery Folders

Traditional Art
Tutorials and Fox Study
Vent art
Fox Art Swap

Random from Favourites

Please take the time to check out our favorites for even more fantastic fox art!!!


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Welcome to Love-Of-Foxes, please make sure you read through our rules and we hope you enjoy your stay!





Edit: For the first time ever in the history of the Fox Art Swap, ALL submissions have been completed!!! Thanks to everyone who participated! This event would be nothing wouldn't you guys. Seriously. ;n;

Edit: All assignment notes have been sent out!

Since our members took a interest in holding another Fox Art Swap we figured it would be a fun go.
So, we here at Love-Of-Foxes are holding our third annual Fox Art Swap!

What's a Fox Art Swap? Well its where our members sign up with a link to the one character they would like to see drawn, you will be placed in  the journal and once everyone is signed up by the sign up deadline, we will randomly be assigning people/characters to others. This will be anonymous so no one will know who  got them or their character. Once you've completed your drawing, you will of course let the person you got assigned to, along with submitting it to the "Fox Art Swap" folder we will be creating! If you have any further questions about this, please feel free to ask!

Sign ups will only be open from December 10th and will close on December 20th - Sign ups MAY be closed earlier if we feel we have enough members sign up. If there does happen to be an odd number at the end of the sign ups, I will participate in the swap.


Please make sure you read through the rules.


2.) When the due date for your Fox Art Swap assignment is over, your art is due. There is no grace point, since you are given 3 months time to get your end of the swap complete. All those who fail to submit their half of the swap, WILL BE BLACKLISTED.

All submissions must be in by March 22, 2015 at 8 PM  PST time

3.) Please do not rush your art. Draw as if you would like to be drawn - If you do not put effort into your half of the swap, then you will be blacklisted from participating in further events in this group.  What do we mean by not putting effort? We mean, making sketches, using free linearts, and MS paint scribbles and the like. We expect you to do the best to your ability, if you cannot do your best work or do not have time please refrain from joining.

4. ) ONLY active members of this group are allowed to participate - So please don't just join the group to try and participate in this event. An active member to us is someone whose not only been in this group for sometime, but is also someone who  actively contributes to our group; if you don't submit art ( submitting 1 submission is not active) or are extremely new to the group then you won't be eligible to participate in this event this year. Sorry.

5.) When a person fails to turn in their half of the swap, the person who gets left out will be posted on an adoption list. The person who adopted them will get 2 weeks to finish the art, there is no penalty for not finishing adopted work but if it's not done in 2 weeks another person who offered to adopt will be given the chance to do the art, this is to help get art to the people left out as soon as possible. If you also fail to turn in and you do not receive your art you will not be adopted out UNTIL your work is turned in, then you will be added to the adoption list.

6.) When signing up, please remember you MUST draw your half - If you feel you are unable to complete your half of the swap in the time frame given, then please let us know at least a month or two before the due date so we can find a replacement.

7.)  If you are not removed from the blacklist you will remain on the blacklist, and will not be allowed to participate in future events here at love-of-foxes.

8.) ALL characters MUST be a fox - If you do not have a fox character, then you are able to use a real life fox (i.e red fox, silver fox, gray fox, ect).

9.) Assignments will be randomly drawn, so please don't complain with who you get, this is meant to be fun.

10.)  All submissions for the Fox Art Swap MUST be submitted to the group folder labled Fox Art Swap in order for it to be counted as complete.

11.) Most importantly, this event is meant to be fun so please don't ruin the magic and fun by either telling the person who you was give, OR by not even doing your end. Remember this is NOT a way to get free art, nor is this a free art exchange. Everyone is getting art in return, so please treat it as the trade it is (unless you are a kind person who is adopting someone).


* by user names are people who have completed their art swap submission.

*BriMercedes wants…

*galianogangster wants…

*Sarenea wants………

*Nojjesz wants…

*DarkeFantasy wants…

*WooflesArt wants…

*Silvixen wants…

*panicYoYo wants…

*DragonLegend13 wants…

*Dead-Raccoons wants… (just the fox of course)

*wolfforce58 wants…

*Ranshii wants… (you may simplify the design if need be)

*leticiaprestes wants…

* poppyspice wants…

*Widdershins-Works  wants…

*10animallover10 wants…… (more ref links can be found here… )

*KestrelRaptor wants… /…

*SwiftBlue-Fox wants…

*Antleraptor wants…
More Journal Entries


We here at Love-Of-Foxes would love to be one of your affiliates.
But please read through our Affiliation rules before sending a request.

Rule 1. Group must be similar in theme, or at least canine/animal related.

Rule 2. Group must be active and at least have 10 or more active members in order to affiliate with us.

Rule 3. Please don't contact us to advertise your contests/competitions/etc. This means NO comments on the front page regarding your contests/competitions/ect. I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thanks for reading.



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